Pebble Studios is a London-based content production company specializing in film, animation, VFX, 3D Modelling, and Virtual Reality.


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Pebble Studios, CharlieCharlie Bevan
Co-founder & Managing Director

Pebble Studios, JamesJames Beveridge
Co-founder & Managing Director

Pebble Studios, MattMatt Beveridge
Co-founder & ECD





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Case Study Background - Disney

The Emmy award-winning DuckTales first hit screens 40 years ago. Disney approached Pebble Studios to discuss how to launch a remake of the show for a 21st century audience.


The show needed to excite a new, young, and digitally minded consumer, whilst also re-igniting the passion of those who remembered the original series.


With 90% of US audiences using YouTube to consume content and the importance of reaching a new tech-savvy customer, Pebble Studios developed a concept that invited Disney fans to experience Duckburg like never before by creating a 360 degree animated episode that put the consumer at the heart of the adventure, up close and personal with these iconic characters.


The project presented a number of challenges, not least of which was how to make traditional, cell-animated characters fit seamlessly into 3D, 360, computer-generated environments. Pebble Studios achieved this by matching the 3D cameras in 2D, and as the perspective changed, they worked this into the design of the characters.


Youtube: 2.1 million views Facebook: 1.3 million views APA winner for best use of 360.