SenseTime is an AI company focused on computer vision and deep learning. The company develops deep learning platforms, supercomputing centers, and a range of technologies such as face and image recognition.


Sense Time, Client

Key People

Sense Time, GeorgeGeorge Huang
President, International Business Group

Sense Time, JuneJune Jin

Sense Time, ShangShang Hailong 
GM, Hong Kong





Hong Kong

Other Offices

Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Kyoto, Tokyo, Singapore

Year Founded

Case Study Background - Xiaomi

3D structured light face recognition is becoming more common in smartphones.


Xiaomi wanted to use AI to create a richer, safer, and more convenient mobile experience but lacked specialization in this area.


The Xiaotang 8 uses SenseTime’s 3D structured light face recognition technology, which uses a structured light scheme that is different from iPhone X to create a face model with facial depth information for better unlocking speed and recognition accuracy and security. With this advantage, it can better support high-security demand scenarios such as mobile payment, comprehensively upgrade the user face recognition experience, and promote technological innovation in the mobile phone industry.


Precipitated by the original deep learning algorithm and massive data, Shangtang Technology took the lead in realizing the application of 3D structured light technology on Android mobile phones by drawing on the technical iterative experience of different industry scenes and the accumulated attack and defense tests. SenseTime Technology 3D structured light face recognition technology can create a millimeter-scale 3D facial model by projecting 33,000 coded lattices, and feature extraction based on infrared face image support.


Leveraging the SenseID smartphone face unlock solution, Xiaomi provides customers with face unlock, face payment, and other functions.